Get Ready for the HUMAN CHAIN ON 23.11.2017 under the banner of "All Unions and Associations of BSNL" at all SSA HQs and Circle HQ demanding 3rd PRC implementation. Ensure maximum participation and make the event a grand success. All the DSs,COBs are requested to coordinate with all Unions and Associations in your districts and make this program success.

EXECUTIVE BODY MEETING SNEA HTD ON 17.11.2017: EXECUTIVE Body Meeting Of SNEA HTD was held on 17.11.2017 at SNEA office BSNL Bavan. Com.Ramesh/CS , Com.Srinivaprasad cwc member, com Suresh cwc member, com Murthy,DS HTD, DOBs,Cec members,BSs,members were attended the Meeting. Com. Venkatesh DP HTD was presiding over the meeting.

CS Ramesh,CWCmember Srinivasprasad has explained in details on status of
1.PAY(E2/E3 scale,22820 Pay Parity,3rd PRC)
2.PROMOTION(Time Bound Functional Promotion uniformly up to AGM grade w.e.f.01.01.2017)
3. PENSION (25% SAB implemented now and we should continue our struggle till 30%SAB)
Com.Murthy DS HTD was also addressed the meeting.

Meeting was concluded at 8PM.

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16.11.17:Today the get-together meeting was held with JE to JTO Trainees at RTTC auditorium Hyderabad,182 members attended the meeting. Com Suresh cwc member Presided over the meeting. CS SNEA addressed the house and explained the achievements and excellent efforts of SNEA regarding LICE Promotions. Com Ramesh CS, com Sampath CS SNTTA com Biksham ACShq, com Madhu CT, com Suresh cwc member thanked all Trainees for giving assurance to join in SNEA.

Com G.Ramesh CS SNEA welcomed all Trainees into SNEA.Comrades sudeer acs, ramakanth,p rasad ,ravishankar,other RTTC snea members also attended the meeting.

The meeting was a grand success with the partipation of young comrades.


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16.11.2017: CS met CGM Telangana CIRCLE along with com Srinivasprasad cwc member, com Srinivas cwc member, com Biksham ACShq, com Madhu CT and Congratulated CGM on his promotion as Advisor at Pune Maharashtra CIRCLE .

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12.11.2017:District conference of SNEA, Warangal SSA was held 0n 12th November 2017 at Conference Hall Warangal. meeting was conducted under president ship of Com Suresh. After completion of opening remarks by the president, Dist secretary and Dist Treasurer submitted their reports and were adopted by the house after deliberations.

A grand open session was started at 11:30 am.Com Suresh as a president,Sri Narendra Garu PGM Warangal SSA as a Chief guest, com G.ramesh CS SNEA, com E Jaganmohan reddy CP, com Biksham ACS hq, com Madhu CT, com Suresh cwc member ,DS com Phanikumar and District Office bearers of SNEA shared the dais. SNEA Warangal District honoured the Chief Guest and other distinguished guests.

After completion of lunch, the delegate session was started at 14:30 PM . Our CS apprised the members about the Issues like 3rd PRC,E2-E3 standard pay scale,CPSU cadre hierarchy and 30% SAB,1 st TBP 4 years etc, and clarified the doubts raised by the members.

DS,DP newly elected District body also addressed the gathering. After closing remarks by the president the District conference concluded with vote of thanks .
SNEA Telangana Circle extend its best wishes to the newly elected Warangal District Office bearers.

1. Com Suresh DP. 2. Com Ravi DS. 3. Com Phanikumar DT

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03.11.17: Congratulations to our CHQ team (GS,President,AGShq )for excellent efforts in getting the CPSU cadre hierarchy which is approved by management committee today. It was possible because of the hardwork of GS and CHQ office bearers. Snea Telangana Circle very much thankful to CHQ team.

03.11.2017:Congratulations to one and all... Management Committee of BSNL Board approved CPSU Cadre Hierarchy.. Broad agreement reached between the Recognised Association SNEA and BSNL Management on Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy).

1. It will be a Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion policy for all the Executives in different cadres and in different wings upto AGM grade. This will end the disparity in promotions between various cadres in different wings and provides uniform promotional avenues to all the Executives in different wings.

2. New designations will be as follows:

JTO /JAO equivalent grade - Deputy Manager.

SDE /AO equivalent grade - Manager.

Sr. SDE /Sr.AO equivalent grade - Sr. Manager.

AGM /CAO/EE/DE equivalent grade -Asst General Manager.

3. Date of implementation: 01.01.2017.
As a onetime measure, all the existing Executives in higher scales and completed the qualifying service will be placed in higher grades on 01.01.2017 itself without conducting fresh DPC.

4. Subsequent review: 1st Jan/1st July, 2018 onwards, twice in a year.

5. Existing Executives in higher scales will be placed in higher grades without conducting fresh DPC.

6. Promotion upto AGM grade will be on Rect year/ vacancy year basis.

7. Functional Promotion upto AGM grade will be on Time Bound basis as under:

a) Deputy Manager (JTO/JAO) to Manager (SDE/AO) --- 5 years.

b) Manager (SDE/AO) to Sr Manager (Sr SDE/Sr AO) --- 5 years.

c) Sr Manager (Sr SDE/Sr AO) to AGM (DE/CAO/EE) --- 5 years.

d) Since Sr Manager (Sr SDE) grade is newly introduced as a functional grade, time bound promotion to AGM grade will be after 5 years of service in Sr Manager (Sr SDE/Sr AO) grade or 12 years combined service in SDE & Sr SDE equivalent grades, whichever is less.

e) If sufficient number of eligible Executives is not available for AGM/CAO promotion, Adhoc promotions will be given by relaxing the qualifying service.

8. Time Bound upgradations to higher scales will continue for the Executives already working in higher scales, on completion of qualifying service in the lower scale.

9. Relaxation in qualifying service for the Executives in higher scales:

a) Manager (SDE/AO) in E3 scale will be considered for promotion to Sr Manager Grade after 3 years of service in Manager Grade. All will get AGM promotion in 8 years.

b) Dy Manager (JTO/JAO) in E4 scale will be considered for promotion to Sr Manager Grade after 3 years of service in Manager Grade. All will get AGM promotion in 8 years.

c) Dy Manager (JTO/JAO) in E3 scale will be considered for promotion to Sr Manager Grade after 4 years of service in Manager Grade. All will get AGM promotion in 9 years.

10. One year relaxation for the Dy Managers (JTO/JAO) recruited for the same rect year.

11. Present LDCE passed and corresponding vacancy year Seniority Quota Executives will be enbloc senior to other JTOs. They will be treated as SDE from 01.01.2017 itself.

On CPSU Hierarchy, the formal discussions are taken place with the recognized Assns only, as per the provisions of Recognition Rules. SNEA only have the right for negotiation/discussion with the management on such policy matters. On large number of issues, agreement reached between both sides. But on some issues, management did not fully agree to the demands, citing administrative constraints.

This will be the major breakthrough for all the Executives and a direct result of the membership verification and becoming recognized Association. During verification campaign, it was assured by SNEA that it will try to get promotions within 3 months, ie. by March, 2017. By this new policy, promotions will be effected from January, 2017 itself, just one month after the MV.

02.11.17: CPSU hierarchy proposal will be  placed for the approval of the Management Committee tomorrow.

26.10.17: conducted BSNL rally to bring awareness and importance of BSNL products in the public at Kamareddy District Hqrs,Nizamabad SSA. Maximum staff members were participated in the rally. The rally was conducted under the leadership of DE, Kamareddy and DS, Nizamabad Telecom District.

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25.10.2017: Meeting with Shri Nitin Gadkari, Honorable minister of Transport and Shipping for our pay scale issue. Hon Minster assured to intervene . Hon Minister directed his PS to speak to Hon MoSC Shri Manoj Sinha directly and see that issue is resolved.

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19.10.17: SNEA Telangana Circle wishes Happy, safe Diwali to one all.

16.10.2017: E. Jagan Mohan Reddy.Circle President, SNEA, Telangana Circle attended and addressed the District Conference of East Godavari in Rajamahendravaram on 14/10/2017. Our beloved General Secretary Com Sebastian attended and addressed the historic meeting. On Sunday the SNEA East Godavari organised tour to Papikondalu.

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All The DSs, COBs, members are requested to conduct Lunch Hour Demonstration on 16.10.2017 1 PM at CGM office, all SSA HQs as per the call givenby All unions and Associations.


1.Implement 3rd Pay Revision w.e.F. 01.01.2017 With 15% fitment benefit & Revision of all allowances.
2.Settlement of left out issues of 2nd PRC.
3. Opposing the formation of Subsidiary Tower Company

Mobilise maximum members and make it grand success.


SNEA Telangana Circle wish you all HAPPY Dussehra and Bathukamma.

21.9.17: 3rd Pay Revision: Management Committee of BSNL Board approved the proposal of 3rd Pay revision with full 15% fitment w.e.f 01.01.2017. The IDA will be neutralized as on 31.12.2016.
According to the proposal all the allowances, HRA, Medical and other Perks will be frozen as on 31.12.2016.

The proposal will be now placed before the Remuneration Committee of BSNLL Board headed by an external Director before sending to the BSNLL Board.

SNEA extend its sincere gratitude to CMD, BSNL, DIR(HR) and other functional Directors of BSNL Board for approving the proposal in the MC of BSNL Board


Massive Lunch Hour Demonstration all over Telangana:The employees and Executives of all unions and associations have came out of office and held lunch hour demonstration on 15.9.17 to protest against the Cabinet decision to form a Tower Subsidiary Company and fragmenting BSNL. In CGMT Office, the meeting was addressed by CS and other leaders.

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6.9.17:District conference of SNEA, Adilabad SSA was held on 6.9. 2017 at R&B guest house KADEM. The meeting was conducted under president ship of Com Khaleeloddin sde Mncl. Com G.Ramesh CS SNEA TS was distinguished guest on this occasision .com Jaganmohanreddy CP, com.Vidyasagarreddy, com.Suresh CWC memmbers, com. Khalidas ACS, com.KrishnamurthyDS/NZB, com.Srinivasreddy DS/KAA, com.Ganeshwarachary DS/ADB shared the dais. After completion of opening remarks by the president, Dist secretary submitted their report and were adopted by the house after deliberations.

After completion of delicious lunch, the session was started at 14:00PM. After completion of detail deliberations The old body was dissolved and nominated Vidyasagar reddy as Chairman to conduct the election for the new office bearers for the next term.

Com E.Jaganmohanreddy CP, com G.Ramesh CS, ACS, CWCmembers, DSs of NZB, KAA, ADB also addressed the gathering. The leaders elaborately spoken on the recent developments at CHQ & Telangana Circle. President and DS of newly elected body also addressed the gathering. the District conference concluded with the proposal of vote of thanks by com. Ajaychander sde at 07:00PM. Snea Telangana circle conveys best wishes to newly elected office bearers of Adilabad.

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30.8.17:All of you may well aware that on 22 July there is major virus attack on BB Adsl modems for more then 5 day's, and after 8 days only service restored in our state, again on 28.8.17 half of Hyderabad city BB service down,after that today again b/b is affected in Bangalore,bng 3,4,5,out of 5 bng,as per sources it is partially attack, but when it came to my knowledge it is not only Bangalore, 2 bng at Ernakulam, 4 bng Hyderabad,and 1 bng koimbattur, and some part of MP( Indore, Bhopal), Nagpur are also affected. this is 3rd time In short period, BSNL is made to suffer ,I think some major hand is there behind this. hence we should not allow to repeat, SNEA Telangana Circle requested GS, CHQ body, CSs, this time we should demand for immediate lodging of complaint under cyber crime act to save BSNL.


29.8.17:Telangana circle COBs meeting held on 29.8.17 at Asmanmahal auditorium Lakdikapool under the presidentship of com Jaganmohan reddy . All the COBs,Cwc members,DSs are shared their views and addressed about local issues. Finally CS,ACShq elaborately addressed regarding circle,chq level issues and requested all office bearers for strengthen SNEA in SSAs. Circle Secretary and team felicitated com Laxmiprasad Jto on the occasion of his superannuation. House conveys heart felt thanks to com.laxmiprsad for providing nice lunch. Vote of thanks proposed by circle treasurer.

26.8.17:SNEA Telangana Circle has decided to conduct lunch hour demonstrations on 28/8/2017 (Monday 1 pm)at SSA & Circle H/Q to protest the vindictive action of the Management.

All the District Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers & activists are requested to take lead and coordinate with other Associations/Unions & hold the massive lunch our demonstrations on 28/8/17.

Submission of Memorandum to Smt. Renuka Chowdary, Honble MP along with parliamentary committee consisting of MPs at Khammam on intervention to relax affordability clause in implementation of PRC.
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SNEA Telangana Circle wish you all HAPPY GANESH CHATHURTHI.

19-08-2017:Com.G.Ramesh CS SNEA TS along with Com.Biksham ACShq, Com.Madhu CT, Com.Srinivasprasad, Com.Srinivas CWC members met CGMT Telangana circle on 17.8.17 in the presence of GMhr,DGMhr and discussed about the following issue's.
1. Change of TTAs to JTO trainees phase 1 training from rajpura to RTTC HYD,any training centre in south.
2.Transfers,postings,relieving issue of JTO,SDE,DE cadre of SSAs.
3.SDE to DE promotions VCs and information issue.
4. Adsl Modems problems issue.
5.Shortage of Material issue.
6. Up gradation of external plant issue.
7. Outsourcing implementation issue.
8.First Time Bound promotion 4,5,6 years information issue.
9.choice of choosing home circle on one time measure to JTO,JAO cadre, and other important issues.

Circle administration responded positively on all issues. SNEA Telangana Circle extends sincer thanks to CGMT,GMhr,DGMhr for fruitful discussions and positive response.


18-08-2017:As per SNEA CHQ, Wearing black badges and holding Lunch hour demonstration in protest against the affordability clause for 3rd Pay revision was conducted at CGM office, Hyderabad and all SSA head quarters. More than 150 members participated in the lunch hour demonstration.

Com. G.Ramesh CS SNEA TS,Com.Biksham ACShq,Com.Madhu CT,Com.Srinivasprasad,Com.Srinivas CWC members Com.Venkatapathi ACS,Com Murthy DS htd,Com.Guruvaiah Aigetoa addressed the gathering .SNEA Telangana circle extends thanks to circle office branch,HTD office bearers,and members for making demonstration successful.

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16.8.1:As per SNEA CHQ wear black badges and hold Lunch Hour demonstration in protest against the affordability clause for 3rd Pay Revision on 17.8.17. According to NCOA, more than 160 CPSUs will not be eligible for 3rd Pay Revision due to the affordability clause. NCOA demands that Pay revision should be implemented without the affordability clause.

All DSs,Office bearers,snea members are requested to mobilize maximum members,inform to members by phone,sms and make the programme successful.

SNEA TS circle wishes all comrades Happy Independence Day

JOINT FORUM OF BSNL EXECUTIVES’ ASSOCIATIONS (SNEA,AIGETOA),Telangana Circle has met Director hr and discussed about the following points & requested madam for her kind intervention to get early settlement of long pending HR issues in BSNL.

1. Calling options from all JTO & JAO cadres of AP and Telangana Circles to CHOOSE their parent circles.
2. Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL.
3. Standard Pay scales (E2, E3).
4. Extending initial basic of Rs. 22820/- to the Executives recruited post 01.01.2007.
5. Immediate Issuance of Promotion Orders from JTO (T) to SDE (T) under DPC/LDCE quota, SDE(T) to AGM and issuance of Promotion Orders in all the cadres, in all the wings under both quotas.
6. Benevolent fund for BSNL Recruited employees.
7. All India SOFT TENURE places in TS circle and not implementation of circle break issue.
8. Other HR points

In this regard Circle secretaries have submitted the memorandum while explaining the above issues point by point to DIR HR & PGM Pers. Every point has discussed elaborately and madam has given FIRM POSITIVE ASSURANCE to get resolve these issues in the prioritized manner.
JF Telangana, conveys sincere thanks to Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR) & (Finance) & Sri.CHAKRA BARTHI PGM-PERS for their positive Assurance and allocation of their time for elaborated discussions also JF Telangana, conveys sincere thanks to our beloved CGM sir and GM HR & Addl.GM (Admin) sirs for making possibility of this meeting within a short period.

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Venue: Com. K.Sitaram Hall, SBOA School & Junior College, Annanagar Western Extension, Chennai 6000101
Date: 05th August 2017 (Saturday) and NCOA meeting on 6.8.17.


29.7.2017:SNEA Comrades Ch.Bhiksham ACS HQ, S.Madhu Circle Treasurer, M.Nagaraju CO Secretary, Balaji CO President along with AIGETOA Comrades met Addl Secretary DOT Sivasailam at 11AM in CGM chamber and discussed about our burning issues of 3rd PRC and E2, E3 Scales.




3rd PRC implementation

STRIKE ON 27.07.2017

ALL Members belonging to SNEA Telangana are to participate in the strike on 27/07/2017 called by all unions and associations in protest against recommendations of 3rd PRC, denying pension revision , 30 % Superannuation for DR recruits and not permitting to stage trade union program in BSNLs premises.

JOIN EMASSE TO EXPRESS OUR STRONG PROTEST AGAINST UNJUSTIFIED DEPRIVATION. All the DSs are requested to coordinate with BSNLEU,AIGETOA,SNATTA,FNTO and others representatives and make extensive preparations to success our strike.

19.7.2017: Our CS requested Circle administration once again for approval of rule 8 cases of Maharashtra circle JTOs. They responded positively.

HUNGER STRIKE ON 13-07-2017 by Unions and Associations at Circle and SSA HQs.
(i) Settle wage revision and pension revision w.e.f. 01.01.2017.
(ii) Settle superannuation benefits to the Directly Recruited employees.
(iii) Unconditionally withdraw the Corporate Office letter dated 08.05.2017, banning all trade union activities in BSNL and vindictive actions.
All DSs / BSs / Circle OBs / Activists / Members are requested to participate en masse and make it a grand success.

Lushkar Bonalu Shubhakankshalu

6.7.2017:With continous efforts of our SNEA, TTA to JTO training schedule released for 282 members including Officiating JTOs 8 members. SNEA Telangana Circle extends best wishes to all the trainees.