SNEA Telangana wishes you a "Makar Sankranthi" to all the BSNL employeess

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Our Beloved CS Com. Ramesh interview with Sneha TV regarding BSNL issues



GS writes to Shri Anupam Shrivatava, CMD/BSNL:

Immediate action to implement BSNL Executives Promotion Policy & Recruitment Rules-2017 (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) w.e.f. 01.07.2018 which is approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018, to address the huge disparity in promotions and bringing complete Uniformity and Parity in promotions in SDE/AO and AGM/CAO equivalent cadres of all the streams. This is also part of terms and condition for absorption in BSNL. Delay in implementation leading to wide spread resentment among thousands of Executives waiting for promotion:

One of the main objective of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy to end litigations and smooth career progression is partially defeated by the recent post based promotions.

Through post based promotions, the main objective of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, Parity and Uniformity in promotions among various streams for the equivalent cadres could not achieve, rather more disparity, anomalies, disputes and court cases created now. If vacancy based promotion is continued, no one can ensure Parity or even timely promotion in different cadres.

The status of promotions in different cadres after the recent promotion orders is given below to understand the huge disparity:





JTO(Arch) to SDE





Executives waiting for promotion from

















SDE(C) to EE(C)

SDE(E) to EE(E)


SDE(T) to DE(T)


Executives waiting for promotion from











1. More than 2,000 SDEs in list 8 who are very seniors, most of them are promoted in 2004/2005 as SDEs and completed 14 years of service are waiting for promotion. Their juniors are promoted on 29.06.2018 which created wide spread resentment among the seniors. Another 1,200 SDEs are there, promoted in 2007/2008 also.

2. More than 9,500 JTOs from 1999 rect year to 2013 rect year are waiting for promotion. The promotion for about 4,500 JTOs upto 2007 rect year is in the final stage. Still about 5,000 JTOs, from 2008 rect onwards are waiting for promotion to bring-in parity.  

3. Similarly about 800 SDEs (400 each in Civil and Electrical), promoted from 1998 onwards waiting for promotion as EE.

4. AOs of 2008 batch numbering about 900 are waiting for promotion.

5. More than 6,500 SDEs promoted in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013 are waiting for promotion to Sr SDE grade.

6. More than 1500 AOs promoted is 2009 & 2015, waiting for promotion to Sr AO grade.

7. The situation in some small stream like Arch is precarious; JTO(Arch) joined in 1988 is still waiting for first promotion. Stagnation prevails in other small streams like CSS, PA/PS, TF, Arch, Official Language etc.

Bringing Parity in promotions in SDE and AGM equivalent cadres for all the streams were demanded by SNEA vide letter No: SNEA/CHQ/CMD/2015-18/95 Dated 04th July, 2018, through upgradation of posts as done in the case of JAO to AO and SDE to DE cadres. However, this demand is not accepted by the management.

Any delay in implementation of the new promotion policy will be demoralizing and detrimental to the overall interest of the Executives. If the notification and date of effect is delayed beyond 01.07.2018, all will miss their opportunity to get the promotion on 01.07.2018, at par with their juniors in other streams who got the promotion on 29.06.2018. Evenif the promotions are given one day later than 01.07.2018, all such Executives will become juniors and subordinate to the Executives already promoted on or before 01.07.2018 as per CPSU Cadre Hierarchy provisions. Consequently, it will also affect the future promotions of thousands of Executives who got promotions recently.

In view of the above submissions, it is requested to take appropriate actions to bring parity and uniformity in promotions in all the wings for all the equivalent cadres, ie. Telecom/ Finance/ Civil/ Elect/ TF/ Arch/ CSS/ PA/ PS etc as a permanent measure by implementing the Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) immediately, w.e.f. 01.07.2018. 

GS letter to CMD

Com Ramesh cs met CGM, PGM, GMhr,DGMhr and other Officers along with office bearer's on the occasion of new year and conveys new year greetings. Like in all SSAs our DSs also met SSA heads .

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SNEA TELANGANA CIRCLE Wish all our members a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2019. We hope in this new year our bsnl revenues will increase and all our dreams will full fill.


SNEA HTD meeting to be held on today 5.30 pm at BSNL bavan PGM office. Agenda.
1. Cake cutting program on the occasion of new year.
2. Felicitation to sri N.satyanandam PGM cm on the occasion of retirement.
3. Latest updates on JTO to SDE, DE to DGM promotions and postings and etc.
all the office bearer's and members are requested to attend without fail and make it success .

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DE to Adhoc DGM promotion proposal cleared by DIR HR and file moved for approval of CMD.
Rect of Management Trainee from outside kept in abeyance. As per our decision which is reiterated in the Ludhiana AIC, SNEA opposed rect of Extl MTs and management kept it in abeyance.
GS, President and AGS met CMD and requested him to expedite the JTO to SDE promotion and to give approval for conduction of DPC from DE to DGM. DIR HR given approval for conduction of DPC from JTO to SDE.


SNEA Table calender 2019 inaugurated by CGM Telangana Sri V.Sundar ITS

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GS, President and AGS met GM(Trg) and held discussions on further actions on GTI. As per the data from ERP, so far 30,879 Executives exercised the option. The details are as follows:
Accepted upto 50 years: 14474.
Accepted above 50 years: 1320.
Not accepted upto 50 years: 6195.
Not accepted above 50 years: 8890.
The data submitted to LIC and the efforts are going on to sign the MoU. The payment has to be made to LIC as on 01.01.2019 for starting the scheme w.e.f 01.01.2019. It is informed that the salary deduction can be done only in the month of January, 2019 and thereafter the scheme can be started from 01.02.2019 onwards.
There are more than 15,000 Executives not exercised the option so far. We requested to give one more chance for those not exercised the option so far. It is agreed and a last chance will be given for them in the first week of January to join the scheme before closing it by 10th of January, 2019.
(Note: Those Executives completed 50 years, 5 months and 29 days as on the due date (ie. Less than 50 years 6 months) also will be covered under upto 50 years age group with the premium of 1.6 per month).
Sanchar Soft issues in South Zone:Last few days, Sanchar Soft is not working for the South Zone, halting all the activities of provisioning, MNP etc in entire south Zone due to some hardware problem. This also during festival season when more connections are expected. There is no DR also for South Zone.
Earlier GS brought this to the notice of CMD/BSNL for his intervention. Today GS and AGS met DIR(CFA) also and held further discussions on the subject. Technical team is already on the job for the last 4 days and complete restoration is expected by today night. Meanwhile the system is restored temporarily with limited access.


SNEA Telangana wishes you a "Merry Christmas" to all the BSNL employeess


                         Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD/BSNL on 19.12.2018:

GS, President and AGS Com Sanjeev Sharma met CMD/BSNL and held discussion on the following issues: 1) Status of Bank loan to tide over the present financial crisis: CMD informed that a loan for 500 to 1000 Cr is expected in another 10 days time by which the immediate requirements including vendor payments can be settled.
2) JTO to SDE promotion: We requested to expedite the JTO to SDE promotion. CMD assured that it will be done at the earliest. Management is keen to give the promotions but the court cases are creating hindrances in this regard. However CMD directed us to have more discussion with DIR(HR) in this regard.
3) DE to DGM(T) promotion: Since the stay is vacated, we requested to expedite the promotions. If the promotion orders are issued by 31.12.2018, those who are retiring in this month also can be promoted, we requested CMD. If the approval is given for conduction of DPC without taking into the MC for relaxation of qualifying service, it can be completed before 31st December, we informed. CMD assured to do the needful positively for issuing the promotion orders at the earliest.
4) CPSU Cadre Hierarchy notification: We requested to notify the same at the earliest so that all the eligible Executives can be given promotion w.e.f. 01.07.2018. Now the promotions are stopped due to shortage of vacancies in various cadres. CMD assured to do the needful.
5) Payment of EB bills, labour payment, temporary advance, payment of loan instalments to banks/societies etc: CMD informed that these payments will be done on priority for which Bank loan is under process. It is expected shortly by which it can be streamlined soon.


                                Meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR) on 19.12.2018:

GS, President a CV FCnd AGS Com Sanjeev Sharma met DIR(HR) and held discussion on the following issues:
1) JTO to SDE promotion: We requested to expedite the promotion. DIR(HR) assured that all possible steps will be taken in this regard. A proposal will be submitted to the Hon Court shortly for giving promotions. The applicants are also asked to withdraw the cases through AIGETOA leaders so that promotions can be done at the earliest. The court case at Ernakulam CAT is the only hindrances at present, DIR(HR) informed.
2) DE to DGM(T) promotion: Since the stay is vacated, we requested to expedite the promotions before 31.12.2018. DIR(HR) assured to do the needful at the earliest.
3) CPSU Cadre Hierarchy notification: We requested to notify the same at the earliest so that all the eligible Executives can be given promotion w.e.f. 01.07.2018. DIR(HR) assured to do the needful.


                            Meeting with Shri Keshav Rao, GM(Pers) on 19.12.2018:

GS, President and AGS Com Sanjeev Sharma met GM(Pers) and held discussion on the following issues:
1) JTO to SDE promotion: GM(Pers) informed that a proposal for giving promotions will be submitted to the court after the approval of competent authority. Meanwhile, if the court cases are withdrawn, the DPC can be expedited, GM informed.
2) DE to DGM(T) promotion: Since the stay is vacated, we requested to expedite the promotions before 31.12.2018. GM(Pers) informed that the proposal is under process and after getting the approval of competent authority (CMD/BSNL), VC will be called for. Based on the VC status, DPC will be expedited, GM(P) assured. The preparatory work will be completed by that time.
3) Soft tenure break: The revised proposal based on the discussions with SNEA will be submitted to DIR(HR) soon, it is assured.


Today circle office branch meeting held at CO, Hyd. AGS Padmanabha Rao Sir is felicitated by CS Ramesh along with City Division and HTD Comrades. AGS and CS, ACShq, addressed the gathering and elaborated all the current issues.

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SNEA Telangana wishes you a "Happy Diwali" to all the BSNL employeess

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SNEA Telangana wishes you a "Happy Dussehra" to all the BSNL employeess

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On the occasion of BSNL 18th formation day. I wouldlike to convey best wishes to all.

BSNL as a Govt public sector it has shouldered all the responsibilities of serving the public by giving communication service at very low price , quality service and making services available even at remotest part of the nation. Entry of our BSNL mobile services made every Indian public to afford the service at very low price. Present bsnl providing service to 105 million wireless and 13 million wireline customers across India.

As a social responsiblity, being Govt PSU BSNL is serving all the rural areas even at the loss for the company.

The dream of digital India plan of our honorable PM connecting all Gram Panchayat with Optical fibre cable was brought in to reality by BSNL through NOFN project. Even during all natural calamities bsnl is the only communication company stood like rock and gave its best services under crisis where all private operators shutdown their services.

BSNL is doing its best to the Public and to the Nation. But in return it is not getting proper support from the Govt, not getting chance of level play in the present market, not allowing BSNL to grow aggressively.

BSNL successfully completing 18 years, if at all BSNL servived for these 18 years means it is just only and only because of

1.Customer faith in BSNL service.
2.Effort and dedication of all employees.

So I request all the members let us encash the faith and belief that the public kept with BSNL and let us try our best to retain their faith with BSNL by delivering best services.
Now not only BSNL all telecom companies facing lots of financial crunch it is just because of price war in telecom market by entry of jio. This price war can't be avoided in the competition era. Now we need to diversify our business where we get good revenue. As you all know in mobile inspite of our good marketing effort in sim Mela our revenue is not shooting up but definitely our data usage increased. It shows our effort not resulting in revenue growth. Now in the present era of freebies it is very difficult to expect much revenue growth in the mobile services. Now we are dominant in Broad band , FTTH and Enterprise business. We need to be more aggressive in the coming days. We need to upgrade all our backhaul connectivity to give high speed data services.
We need to strengthen transmission systems which is the backbone for every service.
We are having challenges of 4G spectrum, financial crisis, material shortage and day by day we are loosing our trained brians by retirement , to face in coming days . We can overcome these challenges only with the support of all staff and with motivation of management.
On this day I appeal to all that let us focus more on the revenue generation and quality of service to the customer.
Let us try to give our best to the BSNL and make all efforts in taking BSNL U turn towards profit.
Let us dedicate to make this year as FTTH year and put our best effort in giving more and more FTTH connections.
Once again I wish all with best wishes on BSNL day.

regards Ramesh